Monday, February 22, 2010

An Afterthough

I have had a lot of time to reflect on the previous post I made about the idiots who were so abusive to me about my boys on FaceBook and there a few things I have come to realize.

#1 People who degrade others in such a way have to be very sad and pathetic. It goes without saying that anyone who can degrade INFANTS is lacking something very important- a heart.

#2 Reacting as I did is totally normal and understandable but hardly productive. I have every right to hurt as I did for my sons that night but it solves nothing and it lets those who are cruel win. Instead of feeling sorry for my boys (and let's be honest- myself as well) I will use the ignorance of those people to fuel the fire within me to do great things for my sons.

#3 Unfortunately closed minds do NOT come with closed mouths and the only way to combat these idiots is by educating people and raising awareness about Down Syndrome. It is still my mission in life to ensure my sons are always given a fair shot in life and I REFUSE to let people such as those on FaceBook deter me in any way. I owe more than that to my babies.

#4 There is a reason why God has decided to create chromosomally enhanced people- to bring goodness and innocence into the world to even out the evil and hate that seems to abound.

I thanks those of you that were so supportive and wonderful. You have shown me that people are caring and compassionate- even to total strangers. I am more determined than ever to get the Casey and Connor project up and running!

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