Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Lucky number 7!

What's the best way to get a mother fired up? Make fun of her offspring. I guarantee it will get a response. I. Am. Fired. Up!!!

I have a purpose in my life now and you will be the first to know about this. I have decided that I will no longer sit idly by while people with disabilities are mocked, made fun of, and written off! I refuse to sit and twiddle my thumbs while people make crude jokes about those with DS. It is not enough to talk to my family and friends and readers of my blog about how great Casey and Connor are- I'm taking this to the top. I am going to spend every free moment I have educating people about how wrong it is to treat people with DS and other disabilities like second class citizens. Friends, I am beginning the Casey and Connor project!

I am going to begin a non-profit organization that gives families like mine a voice. It may take me years to make a tiny dent but I vow to try to make a difference. I want my sons and the sons and daughters of all in the DS community to grow up without ridicule.

My mission statement: My mission with the Casey and Connor project is to give voice to families that deal with disability a way to fight back. I want people who feel weak or helpless to do something about the lack of sensitivity and awareness in regards to disabilities a group to fight back with! I want to empower people to stand up and say "It is NOT OK to make a mockery of our children, family, friends and community members who have a disability." I want to hit these TV shows and Radio shows where it hurts- right in their bottom line. I want to organize families to write letters and boycott the companies that advertise during these shows. There are enough of us out there to make a REAL difference. We need to stand up and tell politicians that using the "R" word or claiming to "Bowl like I am in the Special Olympics" is not acceptable and we need to prove it by voting them out. It is my mission to make a change and to raise awareness. I will do this in the name of Casey and Connor.

If you would like to get involved please send an email to me at I am in the research phase but I will do this and I need the help of all my friends out there who are as outraged as I am by senseless attacks and rude jokes. They are not funny and they should not be tolerated!

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