Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I think I am addicted to blogging now! I have been thinking all day what I would write about tonight. Originally I had thought "If I start a blog, I will ONLY write about milestones the boys reach. Big moments." I have learned however, perspective is a funny thing. With Casey and Connor EVERY day is a big moment. Every minute is special and every breath they take is a milestone. I might be biased but I am fairly certain that my children are the actual center of the universe- that all those scientists have been wrong all along. I could spend hours recounting everything that they do- how adorable it is when Casey instinctively reaches out for Connor when they are lying beside each other. I could tell of Connor clinging to my shirt when I go to set him in the bath tub but then looks so thrilled to be in there. My sons are amazing.

I am well aware that there will be delays in their development. I have accepted this and am so ready to help them in any and every way that I can. We will begin working with Occupational Therapists and Physical Therapists fairly soon. Every time I give one of the boys a bottle I am saying "milk" and then doing the sign for it because I want them to be familiar with what I am doing even though they are far from mimicking me or really understanding. Most of the time they just look up at me and stare. I think they think I am weird. They are right.

I hope that C and C will always know how very proud of them I am. I also hope that as they develop and grow and start hitting "real" milestones that I will still think fondly of these early weeks where every thing they do amazes me. I think that I will.

I also think they will always look at me like I am weird. They will always be right.

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