Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New Directions

I have been neglecting this blog! I have good reason- actually two of them! Casey and Connor are coming up on the 9 month anniversary of their arrivals into the world! I can not believe my tiny little boys are now so big! It seems like 10 minutes ago they were born and were small enough that I could comfortably (though nervously) hold them both with room to spare. Now, my little men have mastered holding their own bottles, rolling all over the place and sleeping through the night. They are progressing faster and better than I had hoped. Both boys are able to drink- though sometimes rather messily- from cups without lids. They use both their little hands and bring their glasses to their lips, take what they want, swallow and repeat. It's awesome! They are starting to get the hang of spoons though they both like to chew on them more than to use them as a means to transport food to their mouths.

As far as gross motor skills are concerned- they are making awesome progress toward sitting up. Actually, Casey made an attempt- his first- to sit up from a laying position. He managed to get his shoulders up. Really impressive! I couldn't be more proud of them if I tried!

Overall, life is fun and great and I live for each new thing they learn. Both of my miracle men are chattering away and I love to hear their little voices. It's amazing!

Well, that's really all I have time for now. I just wanted to post a really upbeat and positive post because I am learning more and more that life with these guys is all about happiness. They bring more joy into my life than I would have thought possible. Life is sweet.

Thanks to all my followers for reading. I am up to a whopping 30 now! That's kinda cool!