Sunday, February 26, 2012

Wonderful things are happening!

What a whirlwind these past few weeks have been! Casey and Connor began participating in Special Olympics Young Athletes and I am ecstatic! This is a wonderful opportunity to get the boys to be more active, to be more social (not that they really need the help in that arena) and for Matt and I to meet other parents who share in the blessings we do. This past Saturday they had a basketball themed day and they seemed to enjoy rolling the balls and catching. Both are still getting used to being around so many new people and they do tend to cling to their volunteers. Overall they are doing great and I think they will grow to love this activity!

C and C on a trampoline at the first session of Young Athletes.

Casey has started walking almost exclusively now. He does still crawl when he wants to get somewhere fast but for the most part he is upright and trucking. It is such a wonderful sight to watch my little miracle man going strong! We go to BJ's about once a week and he wants to walk all over the HUGE warehouse store. So... we let him. We have been waiting a very long 26 months for this milestone and we are encouraging him as much as possible. It is so heartwarming to see the pride and joy on his face when he is walking and exploring. It makes me a little teary. LOVE IT!

Connor is starting to make some strides in the walking department. He had a spiral fracture in his left tibia when he was 18 months old and he had to wear a cast for 1 month and I think that has caused more of a delay than just the low muscle tone but he is showing a lot of interest in keeping up with his very busy brother. Lord help me find the right pair of running shoes for when both of these boys are walking! It will certainly be an adventure! Connor managed about 7 steps a few times tonight so I know he's not far off from being far more mobile than he is now. SMILES!

We have been working on some spoon feeding now and Casey and Connor enjoyed some vanilla pudding the other night. It was everywhere but they are making progress using a spoon. I guess they just refuse to eat anything that looks like it may be remotely healthy- pudding they'll dig in and actually find their mouths. I'm calling it a win!

Casey LOVES vanilla pudding! I think some even made it in his mouth!!

Connor is not quite as enthusiastic but he did eat it eventually!

Well, that's about all the update I have for tonight. I am pretty tired after a busy day. The baby is growing well (and quickly!) and I am starting to feel the drag of being close to the 3rd trimester!

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my family said...

just catching up so your little one is Reagan? My oldest is Ragan (Dont know if ive mentioned that) You boys are growing so fast

Love the heart pancakes too:)