Monday, February 13, 2012

These are the days...

I have been thinking a lot lately about changing the blog. When I first started this blog it was so important to me to have a place to write about C&C and all the things I was feeling being a new mother and being new to the world of Down syndrome. Back then it was really all-consuming. As time has passed I find I am now used to this life and celebrating it rather than coping with it I feel like I need to change things HERE to reflect the change I feel in my heart.

I still want to share things about DS but I find it to be less of a focus in my life- it is taking a back seat to raising two very active little boys, getting ready for baby #3, and living life to the fullest and in the best way possible.

That said, I want to start including more things about what we as a family enjoy. I am an avid crafter and reader, Casey and Connor are just getting ready to begin Special Olympics Young Athletes, we love cooking (and eating) and just being together. So, in order to REALLY show people who don't know how normal my life is- I want to share just that. The normal, every day stuff with a nice mix of information about Down syndrome, other disabilities and things to raise awareness. AND of course- TONS of great things about my miracle men- after all- Casey and Connor are the real stars in our world.

Connor and Casey say HI!

I hope you will continue on our journey with us and grow to like the changes. I feel good about this.

I have been keeping really busy the last few weeks trying to get ready for Reagan. I have been crafting like crazy and trying to organize the house so we have room for a whole other person. This is no small feat. Casey and Connor have SO MUCH STUFF! I decided to combat this problem by assembling cube shelves for the living room. I was inspired by friend Jeannette and her awesome living room where everything has a place and her little boy Adam can find anything he wants to play with easily. What a difference!

BEFORE: A huge jumble of toys in a 55 gallon tote.

AFTER: Everything has a place and I am LOVING it!

So, with that tackled, I got to work on some pieces for the nursery. Reagan's room will be Gray and Pink! Thus far I have made the following:

This is a small side table I painted. It has butterflies on it each featuring a different quality or value I want to instill in our new daughter. Too many girls are brought up believing that they should be princesses or (this one makes me shudder) a DIVA. In our house, we want Reagan to grow up knowing the importance of honesty, integrity, faith, love, fun, strength and more. This table will serve as a reminder to her that life is about more than superficial things, that a strong moral foundation is a gift no one can take away.

These are just some simple letters I painted with white acrylic paint and used rub on transfers to spell her first, middle and last names. I added some pre-painted wood embellishments I found at Pat Catan's for $.33/each. I love how they turned out.

My final project was inspired by something I found on Pinterest. If you aren't using Pinterest- you are missing out. I am beyond addicted but always inspired by ideas I see there. This is a great example.

I turned THIS:

Into THIS super cute storage cabinet!

Enough of my crafting. I'll leave you with a Casey and Connor update- they are both tackling going DOWN the stairs. It's pretty fantastic and I am ALMOST past the utter terror I feel watching them go down the stairs. Ehh, what's a few more gray hairs?


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