Thursday, November 17, 2011

Prayer Warriors PLEASE

There is this amazing little girl who I have never met. She is beautiful and strong. I love her. I love and respect her mother. I have never met her either. Sage Baker was born on December 3rd, 2009, 1 day before Casey and Connor. Her mother was part of the pregnancy website I found so many close friends on while carrying the boys. The friendships I made on this site are very real and are very strong and now as our little December babies turn 2 many of us are still very close and talk daily.

Athena, Sage's mom, has lived through so many tough nights since her beautiful girl was born. While her first 6 months were fairly typical, Sage was in for a battle no parent wants their child to face. Sweet angel Sage was diagnosed with leukemia on 6-26-10. The type of leukemia that she has is called acute leukemia of ambiguous lineage(or biphenotypic leukemia). You don't have to know much about cancer to know that that is a scary diagnosis for a 6 month old baby. The following is adapted from Sage's Caring Bridge page.

Many, many prayers were said for Sage and her whole family. Through God's grace Sage went into remission in September of 2010. She received a stem cell transplant four days after Christmas in 2010. She then spent 3 weeks at the end of January to mid February in the PICU because of a sever lung hemorrhage. Again, she fought and won. She was put on a ventilator and beat the very tough odds and survived. Athena was told by doctors that 95% of children who are put on a ventilator after a transplant like Sage's don't make it. Sage proved herself a fighter.

Sage was then diagnosed with Graft versus Host disease. She was back in the PICU and back on a ventilator for 2 1/2 weeks. She was in septic shock. She beat the odds again and was transferred back to the hematology/oncology unit on 10-3-11.

Doctors tried to prepare Sage's family at times for her death. They tried to make them understand that there was little that could be done to save her life. Sage and GOD had other plans. In what can ONLY be called a miracle Sage was released from the hospital on November 10th, 2011. Cries of joy and prayers of thanks went up all over the world for sweet baby Sage.

It is with the saddest of hearts I write this next paragraph- Sage was re-admitted to the PICU today for Septic shock. Doctors are trying to let this little warrior fight this without being put back on a ventilator. They believe that with the condition of her lungs she'd never get off it again.

Many times God has shown that if we believe hard enough and pray enough miracles happen. Sage has PROVEN she is stronger than most adults. Athena has PROVEN that a mother's love and faith can move mountains and help facilitate miracles. They need another one. They need it bad.

I can't begin to imagine seeing one of my little men so sick. I can't imagine a doctor trying to prepare me for their death. I can't even BEGIN to fathom the pain. PLEASE, if you pray, if you know people who pray, SHARE THIS STORY. SAGE NEEDS MILLIONS of prayers. She can win again. She can fight this. Pray that her little body, not even 2 years old yet, can overcome one more awful infection. Pray that God holds her in his mighty hands and heals her little body. Pray for her mother and father and all her family members that they be given the strength they need to get through this. Sage is a miracle, a wonder, a hero, an inspiration.

Give thanks for every healthy happy moment you have with YOUR children and try for 1 second to imagine how this must be and then think of how much you would want people to pray for your baby. That's really what it all comes down to, Sage could be ANY OF OUR CHILDREN. I've said before NOTHING in life is guaranteed. NOTHING. This could be your baby. Pray for her like she is.

Thank you.
God Bless Sage and Family.
I love you all.


Angel said...

Tears being shed, and prayers said, for this family. What heartache to have a child so sick. We have lived some very scary hospital days, and I know the agony. Praying praying praying her little warrior spirit pulls her through this!

Kathy said...

omg Meghan you brought tears to my eyes, i too have followed Sages story and pray that she makes it through all the rest of her battles...hugs to you and the boys and to Sage and her Momma