Saturday, May 14, 2011

It's been too long

Life has been really busy and I have been really bad at updating this blog. I need to make it a point to get here at least once a week.

Casey and Connor are doing great. Casey finally got a new tooth which gives him 5 and Connor still just has 4 but I know they are both getting more soon.

The guys have also discovered the joys of climbing stairs. They can't stand or walk yet but they can get upstairs for bath time in about 2 minutes. This was an exciting milestone as my back is really starting to feel the strain of having 17 month old boys that don't walk. I will be looking for a good chiropractor soon I think. I know that when they are finally walking I will miss these days where I get to hold them so often and I will wonder why I ever wanted them to get a little more independent but I guess that is just part of this journey.

We have also started a new session of swimming lessons. They meet on Mondays and Wednesdays just for this month but it is a great time for all 4 of us. Matt and I laughed so much the other day watching Casey splash and kick his legs and watching Connor go after his floating block that I know MY face hurt afterward. I love these swimming lessons because the boys get the freedom to move so much without gravity weighing them down making it harder. Casey kicked his legs for about 15 minutes straight and I know this would have been a huge challenge for him on dry land. They both continue to get stronger everyday.

Casey has also mastered the art of peek-a-boo. When we say "Where's Casey?" he throws his hands up and over his eyes. It makes me laugh every time. He does it too fast sometimes and covers his ears or his cheeks but that just adds to the charm of the game. Connor is starting to play as well though more often than not he covers his mouth. So adorable.

Both the guys are giving high five now and they blow kisses. Occasionally Casey will wave though he waves with his fingers in towards himself. Funny little men.

It has been a busy few month with all their new skills, tricks and games and we are enjoying every moment of life with our Miracle Men.

If you are on Facebook Casey and Connor have a fan page now. I am using it to share facts about DS and to help raise a little more awareness about the amazing community we are proud to a part of. Just search for Casey and Connor!

Have a blessed day and thanks for joining us on the journey!

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