Tuesday, March 29, 2011

God knows... even when I don't.

If there is one thing I have learned in my life it is that God has a plan. He does not clue me in to said plan and I just get to bump along and enjoy the ride. And enjoy it I do. Mostly.

The boys are teething right now.

My heart hurts for them because they are miserable and there is nothing I can do to take away the ache in their mouths. They smile and play like usual but they are a little more sensitive and there has been more crying than is typical around here. Poor little men.

I got off-track. I call C&C my little miracle men and I do so because they have brought me so much joy and they have really changed everything about me. They did the work of God in my life. I went back to church and I work on my faith every day. I pray with renewed hope and belief. I am more thankful and I constantly find myself in awe of the way that God works in my life. Enter Lindsey Scholz.

On March 23, 2011, I received a sweet, heart warming message on FaceBook from Lindsey, a gifted photographer, offering my family a portrait session. See, Lindsey realized all on her own what I have been preaching for almost 16 months- babies with Down syndrome are just plain GORGEOUS! That and she has a calling to spread the word and raise awareness that Ds is beautiful. Right she is!

I was blessed again this evening when I actually got to speak to her on the phone about coming to Columbus and doing this photo shoot and I am more excited about this than I can properly convey. Lindsey has this incredible spirit about her. I am really looking forward to meeting her and watching her work. You can view her photos on Facebook if you search for Lindsey Scholz Photography and you will see what I did when I first looked at her work- TALENT!

God had a plan when he gave Matthew and me Casey and Connor. He had a plan when they each got their bonus chromosomes and He has a plan every time I meet someone new. My mission in life is to make sure my sons get every opportunity they can and should. Meeting someone like Lindsey who is a stranger to me but who also wishes to raise awareness is a dream come true. Every time I think of the kindness and acceptance she has already shown my sons I get misty in the eyes. I know already she is an incredible person. God knew it before I did. Today is just another day when I am all too willing to enjoy the ride He has me on.

Life is sweet when you have

Double the love...



Debbie Kelly said...

So glad my little angels now have a fan page. I am truly their biggest fan (aside from their mom and dad, of course)! Love it!

Jenna said...

My name is Jenna and I came across your site. I have lots of special needs, developmental delays, and 13 medical conditions. One is a rare life threatening disease.
Your boys are amazing, precious,cute, and adoreble boys. They are so special and precious. They are inspirational heros! I sad that they are sad, teething is no fun.

Anonymous said...

Those pictures are adorable. Especially the last two.