Thursday, April 5, 2012

It's good I have a GREAT sense of humor!

I often say that Casey and Connor are pretty typical boys and today they set out to prove just how typical they are!

This morning they had physical therapy. We had to leave the house by 8:20 am and it can be a struggle to get all three of us ready and out the door on time. Today was no exception. While I went upstairs to finish getting ready- all of 7 minutes tops- Casey decided he needed to be on the desk. He figured out how to pull out the desk chair, climb up on the chair, and use the chair to climb up on the desk. Once on the desk he got hold of the computer mouse in one hand and was typing with the other hand. Somewhere in between mousing and typing he thought to include his brother who was waiting on the floor to get in on the action, and he threw several pens, pencils and other things on the floor for Connor to play with. The most impressive feat of all these was just how quietly and QUICKLY they accomplished all these tasks.

Once I got that mess cleaned up and all 35 windows closed on the computer I loaded the guys up to head off for PT. What a great session they had today! Connor walked for 4 minutes on the treadmill. This is a great accomplishment for my littlest miracle man as he really struggles to find balance and he is not as strong in the core or legs as Casey. He is getting there! I am so proud of him for all his hard work. He really makes me see that no matter how big the challenge you can overcome anything if you keep trying and working hard! He is just awesome! Casey also did well today and seems to really like the workout and spending time with Miss Kristin and Miss Joan. I adore our PT team- they are wonderful!!

After PT I had the brilliant idea of going to Target to pick up a few things we still need to prepare for Reagan's arrival. Mind you, I am getting pretty large right now- at 30 weeks 4 days I am starting to feel the 3rd trimester lag.

When I pulled into the parking lot I scanned for a double cart in any of the cart corrals and found most of them completely bare- not many shoppers this early in the day. So, since Casey man is walking so well I decided to carry Connor and hold Casey's hand while letting him walk in the store. Overall it was a smooth transition.

Once we got into Target and I managed to get both boys strapped into their seats we set out for the baby section. Casey likes to take up as much space as possible in the cart so he stretched his feet across the seat and used Connor's legs as foot rests. At some point he had the notion to stick his fingers in Connor's mouth. It should be noted that Connor doesn't really bite too often- he is the less aggressive of the boys by far but if you put something in his mouth... you can only imagine. Shoppers for 15 aisles around must have heard the waaAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH that came out of Casey when his brother chomped down- really hard- on his fingers. He cried like his heart was broken. He also decided he could not ride in the cart anymore and it was necessary for mommy to carry him.

So there I am- in the back of the store, with a double cart, a screaming toddler and a giant pregnant belly. Sure, I can carry you, Casey! And so I did. I managed to maneuver the cart and contain Casey and finish up the remainder of my shopping list.

By the time we reached the checkout I was sweating profusely, breathing hard and aching- but still smiling because I just can't get enough of my crazy boys!

There is a wonderful employee at our Target and I feel terrible I don't know his name but he is awesome to the boys and Casey especially loves him. He gives them stickers when we come in so he is definitely up there with the guys' favorite people.

When Casey saw him today he practically threw himself into his arms. Casey thinks this man is the business. He came back to me pretty quickly but went back and forth between the two of us at least 4 more times. Best friends.

Then the gentleman who checked us out smiled and said hi to Casey and Casey lunged over the credit card machine and into the cashier's arms. To C's delight he got more stickers. And I was reminded again of how NOT shy my son is becoming.

As we were leaving a nice woman asked all the usual twin questions then asked if I was crazy having a 3rd one. I assured her I *am * crazy but thrilled to be adding to the madness. She asked if she could help me out to the car or with my cart but I explained I am a master multi-tasker.

She was really nice.

Once the boys were buckled into their seats I made the decision to go to Mr. Bulky to buy a giant bag of red gummy bears and a bag of chocolate covered peanuts for Matt. We pulled into the lot and I hauled the double stroller out of the van. It was then I made a massive error in judgement and decided NOT to use the lovely 5 point harness system provided for my sons safety (and apparently my sanity)by Kolcraft. I figured we'd be in the store for 3-5 minutes tops. Why buckle them up?


After about 30 seconds in the store Connor discovered the bulk bins all had tongs or scoops that were simply too intriguing to pass up- he got himself in perfect position to grab a pair of tongs and in a miraculous half ballet, half gymnastic move I managed to catch said pair of tongs as they went flying. It was at that moment when Casey decided he was leaving the stroller. I caught him by the armpits and attempted to buckle him in- not so easy when he gets in his I am stiff as a board and just a straight- fighting position. While wrestling with Casey, Connor found a display of Mike and Ike's on the right side of the stroller. He happily threw 2 boxes of no less than 15 packets each of candy on the floor in approximately 2 milliseconds. So, now I have to hold on to a squirming Casey while lowering my ginormous self down to pick up 400 packs of candy. Are you still with me?? Mind you, I'm still smiling and talking to the boys very calmly all while cussing myself out internally.

It is while I am in what must have been a very glamorous pose that a nice old man walked up behind me and said, "I love children. I wish I could have had 100. I only had 1 because my wife got cancer and they wiped all that stuff out of her. Enjoy them." (Did he really just tell me about his wife's hysterectomy?? Awesome!)

I smiled and said I do enjoy them, every single day. They are my biggest blessings. He then noticed I was pregnant and he said, "Keep having babies if you can figure out how to pay for it. That's the hard part."

I wished him well, finished picking up the candy, got the bag of peanuts for Matt, found my purse- 2 aisles over- how did *that* happen, steered the double stroller to the register, still holding Casey and managed to pay. The cashier held the door open for me and we were about 200 feet from the van and a much needed breather when Connor decided he wanted to try surfing.

In a move that would make any hardcore, Hawaiian surfer proud, my 2 year old stood up in the back seat of the stroller and was ready to hang 10. I got him halfway seated (still holding Casey) and proceeded to walk into the parking lot. Connor decided to stand again. He almost fell out of the stroller (did I mention I FAIL?!?) but I caught him with one hand under one arm and got him back into his seat.

It was then a nice man asked if I needed help. Uh, yes. But my mouth formed the words, "No thank you, I've got it. Just doing some juggling. Thanks so much, though." He was not convinced but walked away anyway most likely thinking my kids were crazy and I was some awful mother.

I hand Connor the keys to occupy him for the last few steps to the van. He decided to chuck them into the parking lot. Now, if you have never played catch with Connor you wouldn't know that my little peanut makes up for the strength he lacks in core and legs in brute arm strength. Those keys were flying.

By this time I am drenched in sweat, practically hyperventilating, my hair is no longer in a neat ponytail and I am still carrying Casey and now I get to bend down again to retrieve my keys. Did I mention Connor is standing again. I am laughing hysterically now because really, there was nothing else to do.

I get the keys, sit Connor down, hit the button to open the van doors and jog to those open doors, I happily toss my monkeys in their seats, buckle them nice and tightly. I kiss their heads and tell them how much I love them.

Never a dull moment.

I couldn't possibly be upset with them for MY error in judgement.

As I pulled out of my space I called my mom to share my story and she said, "I hope those gummy bears were worth it."

I have now eaten about 40 of them and yes- yes they were worth it. But I do think it will be a LONG time before I attempt shopping with the guys by myself again.

AND when I do- I am using those belts and possibly installing another set to use, just in case.

Is it nap time yet??

Casey passed out cold.

Connor passed out cold- same position. I love twins!

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