Friday, December 2, 2011

TV debut!

A few weeks ago Rachel Salyer came to our home to interview Matthew and me about life with Casey and Connor and how we feel that DS has been a blessing in our lives. Rachel is part of a talented team at the University of Akron who work on Moving Forward- a television show that features great community interest and news stories.

Rachel first discovered our story on in the article that ran on our family and 2 others for Down syndrome awareness month. She contacted the reporter who wrote the piece and asked to be put in contact with Matthew and myself. She was interested in sharing our story and of course we JUMPED at the chance to spread the word that our lives are wonderful!

Today Rachel posted the video that will air on December 22 in North East Ohio. The part she shared with us features my awesome little family. The rest of our segment will also feature Kristin Dailey, executive director of The Up Side Of Downs- our local (and completely AMAZING) DS group!

I am proud of how well this turned out and I hope that we can continue to share the wonder of our lives with people all over. I feel so blessed to lead the life I do. God has given me more than any person has right to hope for.

Enjoy some photos of the interview and the video itself!


Anonymous said...

I love the video!!!!!

Twilson9608 said...

YES! I finally got to see it! Great job!