Sunday, December 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Casey and Connor

My dear sons,

Two years ago I was at my doctor's office for a 36 week ultrasound. Before I knew it we were heading to the hospital to have you guys by C-Section. I was not prepared. My mom was on a plane heading for Las Vegas to run a half marathon, my hospital bag sat partially packed in a closet, my camera remained on the table at home. None of that really mattered- you were coming.

The day you were born I was also born. I discovered a new road laid out before me. I was as unprepared for this road as I was to go to the hospital. Again, my level of preparation didn't matter. I was no longer in control- you two were.

I have grown so much since then- just as you have. I look at you everyday and I can't help but feel awed that you are mine. You are beautiful and smart and funny. You are sweet and loving but you both have stubborn sides and when you throw the occasional toddler fit I can't help but smile- you are incredible.

I love watching you discover new things. Your world is ever expanding. You have opened my eyes to the beauty of everyday objects, the simple joy of scraps of paper, the profound wonder of all that surrounds us. Your eyes have taught mine to see. Before you, I was blind. You have taught me to see with my heart.

I am proud to be your mother. I am honored to be your voice. I am humbled by the love others feel for you, for our family. I will stand by you and for you for the rest of my life. I will protect you and prepare you and adore you. It's the perfect job for me.

This year I am confident you will begin walking and will utter a sweet word or two so we can hear your sweet little voices. I vow to explore with you and play with you and read to you. We will have such adventures this year.

Happy Birthday, miracle men. I may be your mother but you are the ones who gave ME life. I love you.

With all my heart,
For always,


Tara Leonard said...

Happy birthday C&C!! I watched (in pictures) your mommy's belly expand and her excitement grow as she prepared for you us. Now she's so graciously allowing us to witness you grow & reach milestones as well. You are not only a blessing to your family, but to the rest of the world. You've helped to educate so many people just by being your wonderful selves. You have the strongest woman for a mother who has advocated for you & stood her ground on issues that we all need to be aware of. In the 2 years since you have arrived, much has changed for the better. I am so blessed to have been touched by your story. Wishing you both an exciting, adventurous year <3

my family said...

happy birthday sweet boys, you are growing so much and have big things coming your way (one, becoming the best big brothers ever)
Have the best birthday guys:)

Rebecca said...

Hope your little boys had a great 2nd birthday! They are adorable, love the Elmo cake!

Margaret Kaeberlein said...

Hi Meghan:

I've been meaning to check out your blog since I saw you and C&C in the ABJ article! They are so precious! Adorable blog. Love to see their photos! Best wishes and Merry Christmas to you, Matt and your "miracle men" - Take care, Margaret Kaeberlein :)

Lisa said...

So glad I found your blog! My parents are friends of Donna & Jan, I grew up with Gretchen as well so I've gotten updates about your boys along the way but never seen pictures. They are so handsome!!! I look forward to watching they grow up through your eyes! We are a little farther along in the process than you as my little girl with DS just turned 6 yesterday and started kindergarten this year. I just started my blog but stop by if you get a chance -