Thursday, October 13, 2011

Coming in June 2012

My husband and I decided to announce yesterday that we are expecting another baby in June. We are very excited about adding one more to our wonderful family. Casey and Connor will be 2 and a half when this baby is born and it is my hope that they interested but not terribly jealous.

Once again, as with C&C, we have decided to forgo all prenatal testing. I think that it was a pretty easy decision for us to make. No matter what happens on the day this little wonder enters the world, no matter how many chromosomes, we already love her. (I REALLY want a girl this time, by the way! It feels like a girl.)

A friend asked me if I was going to get the triple screen and I said "No. We'll get whatever baby God intends for us. And we'll be happy. If this baby has DS- we already know the road. If not, then it didn't matter either way."

I mean this with all my heart. I feel like God had a plan when we got Casey and Connor and as it turned out His plan was better than any I could have come up with on my own. I feel like He has a plan for this baby as well.

Well, I just really wanted to share the big news here as well. We are so blessed and so excited!


Anonymous said...

So excvited for u all c and c will b great big brothers

Shannon said...

Congrats!! We have twin boys that were 2 and 2 months when we added our designer gene princess. It is crazy but wonderful having three under three

Twilson9608 said...

Congratulations! So excited for you and your family!

Bethany DiLullo said...

I don't know you and your family but started picking up your blog after the ABJ article. Congratulations!!! How exciting ! Our little guy has touched us in ways we never would have dreamed of so I think the man upstairs knows what he's doing :) Keep us posted --- and thanks for sharing your story.

Thank You God For The Memories said...

Congratulations! Will you contact us about featuring your story?