Monday, October 3, 2011

Am I making a difference?

I ask myself all the time if any of the posts I make here or on FaceBook or anywhere else actually make a difference. Do the people I share my story and sons with walk away with a new found knowledge and acceptance about Down syndrome? Do they forget me and the boys as soon as I walk away?

Today I was given hope that I am actually making a difference in the world. I received a thank you note from the med students at Case today and I want very much to share with you what they wrote. It lifts me up and makes me think that perhaps I can someday make people think that DS is a blessing and not a terrible thing and maybe I can save a baby or two from being aborted because they have an extra chromosome.

Dear Meghan, Thank you so much for coming and speaking to us! Your story and perspective were powerful and insightful, and we really appreciate it! -E.Z.

Dear Meghan, Your visit to our group last week truly opened my eyes. The perspective you brought really changed the way I view individuals with Downs and will truly stay with me forever. Thanx so much. -E.R.

Dear Meghan, Thanks so much for taking the time to come in and share your experiences with us. You certainly helped me gain a new perspective on Downs. Thanks! -D.B.

Dear Meghan- Thanks for sharing your perspective with us. Keep helping other people stay positive and appreciate the beauty of life! Many Thanks.

Meghan, We really appreciate you coming in and sharing your story. It gave us and especially myself a perspective I'd not heard before. Your love for your sons is very powerful and inspiring. -B.S.

Dear Meghan, Thanks for taking your time to spend it with us and introducing us to your children. REALLY changed my perspective.

Meghan, Thanks for your frank openness.

There are a few more thank you's but these ones REALLY touched me. I wish these men and women knew how much this card made my day. I pray that they go into the world as MD's and realize that they have the power to change the world, too. It was an honor to speak with them. I will cherish this thank you note forever.

Have a wonderful and blessed night.


Angel said...

So neat to get those thank yous! Nice work! :)

Twilson9608 said...

Very cool, Meghan. Very cool!

Debbie Kelly said...

You do make a difference - every single day. I spend a lot of time with you and the boys so I KNOW this to be true. You inspire people and I know you change minds and hearts. You are doing God's work for these wonderful children. Love you, Mom

Shannon said...

You probably will never know how many lives you and your boys will touch, but keep on sharing and advocating, your handsome little men stole my heart :)

Ruth said...

I have been touched by reading through your blog for the first time. I would love to adopt a down syndrome baby, a desire which has been strengthened by seeing your boys and hearing your perspective
Ruth in NZ
(who commented further up a few mins ago :)

Ruth said...

should have said ''baby with ds'' not ''ds baby''