Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Time for action

I have written before about how I feel drawn to do something big- to change the way the world sees Down syndrome and other disabilities. I keep going back to this and I can't help but think that I just need to start.

So, here it is. My very first project.

I am going to begin compiling a list of every movie that uses the R word in some derogatory fashion. I am then going to find the writers, directors, actors and film company that had anything to do with the project. These will go into a database which I intend to publish here on The 3rd 21st monthly. I will include as many contact links, addresses, and phone numbers that I can. I will then write letters to each and every person that I can expressing my disgust with the way that people with disabilities are represented in film and television.

How can YOU help? There are a few ways.

1. When you see a film or tv show that uses the R word or is otherwise demeaning to people with disabilities you can email me at the3rd21st@yahoo.com and I'll add it to the database. If possible include the approximate time in the film or show so that I can easily verify the information.

2. When the list is published monthly you can take the time to copy down the addresses and write to these companies to let them know we will no longer stand for hate speech, cruelty and disrespect. Let them know they will not be getting your money and that you are going to spread the word against such films and shows.

3. You can share this blog with your friends. You can encourage them to follow the blog, re post it, Facebook it, twitter it- any way that we can garner more support is huge. No company is going to be intimidated by a Blog with only 49 followers- if this is going to work it needs to go big.

That's all I have for now. Let's spread the word and get this party going.


If you were outraged by the Univeral Studios movie The Change Up you can contact them at:

Main Line of Universal to call and ask for contacts below:
(818) 777-1000

Nikki Rocco
President of Distribution
Universal Pictures

Adam Fogelson
Chairman, Universal Pictures

or take action by tweeting the following:

@UniversalPics thinks bigotry is acceptable. I think they are wrong. Help me remove the #Rword from #TheChangeUp. http://j.mp/oEIPKP


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Anonymous said...

I'm on board. No reason for that. Word to b used in movies or anywhere else